The EM Effect


Energy Metrics' 4 step process for continuous monitoring of equipments are the following: Collecting data from the systems, Analyzing insights on energy consumption and equipment performance, Identifying performance leaks and issues in real-time, Alerting and most importantly, Controlling the system using real-time command center.


By using energy metrics' EM Core SAAS Platform, you can save energy costs, assure air quality, ensure safety, reduce operational expenses, minimize downtimes, achieve optimal capacity utilization through automated maintenance of equipment and remote management.

Our Product

  • Collect, store and analyze real-time data from intelligent IoT and other active devices
  • Provide connectors for major industrial protocols (including Modbus, BacNet, etc.) to connect to common and special equipments for monitoring and management.
  • Manage life-cycle of connected assets: from install configuration, operation and optimization till end-of-life termination
  • Run real-time rules to create call-to-action with alarms, notifications and control instructions across all systems (equipment condition based alerts)
The two main pillars of the Energy Metrics SAAS platform are EM CORE & EM CONNECT. EM Core is the brain that is integrated to any IOT device or BMS/BAS system that collects, stores and analyzes data. EM Connect is the front end dashboard which gives you interactive charts on energy usage and savings, allows users to set alerts, generate reports etc.
  • A SAAS platform to perform trend and pattern analysis to find optimization / improvement opportunities across the fleet 
  • Operate Smart intelligent devices coupled with air quality sensors to optimize the balance between the fresh air drawn in, energy used, and comfort 
  • Create context to real-time device data adding place, people and business information 
  • Provide alarms, reports and triggers to continuously improve the operations and increase savings (business condition or rules based) 

Our Architecture

By using energy metrics' EM Core platform, connect any IOT device or entire BMS/BAS system. The platform establishes a two way communication between the devices and server, collecting data and providing insights on energy usage and savings, equipment performance, maintenance and allows sophisticated control of the equipment through remote management. All the insights can be viewed on the EM Connect web dashboard or mobile app or even can be integrated in to third party applications.