Case Study: Critical Infrastructure Monitoring and Control (Call Center)

Case Study: Critical Infrastructure Monitoring and Control (Call Center)

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Why do we need Critical infrastructure monitoring and control?
WHY Is there a need to protect the HVAC and lighting systems?


These equipments that run throughout the day to help us need some extra care too to not only ensure longevity but also other factors like:


·       Health and comfort of the occupants

·       Save energy and operational costs 

·       Reduce carbon footprint


Transforming static assets like HVAC RTU’s, main lighting areas, and critical infrastructure with Smart Monitoring and Control offers numerous financial benefits to a customer from an Operational Expense (OPEX) and Capital Expense (CAPEX) perspective.


You can read our success stories with Financial Institutions, Hotels and Data Centers here.


Below is a snippet of our success story with a leading Call-center:




Customer’s Call Center located in Indianapolis consumed approximately $145,000 of energy annually, equal to 5.4 million kBtu’s, resulting in a relatively high Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) of 65 kBtu/Sq. Ft, significantly higher than well performing buildings of similar construction in this climate zone.


Our Analysis:


Consideration of usage patterns, occupancy and our previous experience in similar facilities suggested estimated


·       OPEX (Energy & M&R) Savings of $29,000 per annum

·       Simple Payback in Years (with cost of SAAS) – 2.34 Years


Note: The actual savings came out much higher than the original estimates.




By implementing installation, programming and on-boarding of IoT devices including many of their critical assets into EM.Core, we were able to achieve great results.


The savings came from three key areas:


·       Energy Savings

·       Operational Savings

·       Reduction in FM staff shifts


The Actual Payback in Years (with cost of SaaS). – 1.74 Years


You can calculate how much you can save and the estimated payback period in our all new savings calculator.


To know more about this project, please download the full case study below.

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