Reducing Green House Gas Emissions and Fighting Climate Change

Reducing GHG Emissions

    Energy Metrics LLC is committed to battling climate change by lessening GHG emissions and minimizing the dangers to our beautiful planet. In all our years of servicing multiple clients across North America and the globe, our focus has always been the same, to make the world a better place to live in by reducing the risks associated with it.
    Energy Metrics’ core offerings are tailor-made for our clients in the areas of energy, air quality, transport and water management by significantly reducing the operational costs across the board. Our proprietary EM.Core and EM.Connect platforms are integrated to any device, any location and at any scale to seamlessly pull data, analyze, identify and remotely control your infrastructure from anywhere.


    Below, you can see a quick summary of all the savings we did in the past few years:
Estimated Annual ($) Savings
Sum of Avg Co2e Savings Tonnes Per Year

Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

    As leaders in carbon-saving solutions, we add great value to our client’s ESG initiatives and help ease some of the challenges that come along. We reduce risks & reduce capital deployment, ensure best-in-class health and comfort, allowing incremental operational deployment with ROI that makes it easier for commitments and approvals from the customer boards.


    To facilitate all sizes and shapes of buildings to realize their ESG goals, Energy Metrics is actively pushing our current and prospective clients our new BAS-Lite, a ‘Holistic Facilities Management’ solution that can be applied to any real estate to give you maximum savings by reducing the impact on our environment.