ESG 101 – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

ESG 101 – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

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What is ESG?

According to Wikipedia, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors.
Within the last 20 years ESG has become more than just a social responsibility and has evolved into a topic of conversation in every company’s board room: How to become a Responsible Business (More info on this below).


Why is it important? Social and Climate change.

Climate Change: According to the August 2021 UN Assessment report, human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean, and land. As a result of global warming, we are seeing a rise in ocean levels, floods, storms, wildfires etc. While the report states various adverse effects, the two that are most important to the ESG conversation are:
B.4 Under scenarios with increasing CO2 emissions, the ocean and land carbon sinks are projected to be less effective at slowing the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere.
B.5 Many changes due to past and future greenhouse gas emissions are irreversible for centuries to millennia, especially changes in the ocean, ice sheets and global sea level.

Among the many concerns, GHG emissions, energy wastage, water management, waste management are among the top.

  • Social Change: On the other hand, society is evolving with a demand for a better work environment and conditions for individuals. Balancing Health and Comfort, to help better productivity is a ubiquitous need. In addition, increased Flexibility is in demand for better work-life balance. All companies need to redefine their operations, including the work infrastructure to meet these evolving demands.

Responsible Investment:

Companies must take on these new challenges to be addressed as part of Corporate Governance. The three pillars: environmental, social, and corporate governance are tied together and brought under the umbrella of Responsible Investment. It is an area where organization leaders and investors come together to set goals and ethical parameters to bring down their impact on the environment and balance the societal impacts at work.

According to Morningstar, the investment funds for sustainable initiatives have hit an all-time high at the start of 2021 and are continuing to grow.

How can Energy Metrics help your Environment, Social and Corporate Governance initiatives?

Environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) is a multi-disciplinary requirement, where technology needs to be deployed, with minimal costs and reduce the impact on the environment – constantly, every day, every month. 

Energy Metrics has solutions to fast track ESG initiatives for Distributed Small Commercial Buildings & Large Data Centers/Critical Environments and provide this continuous ESG compliance.

Particularly, small commercial buildings (< 10 Ksqft) comprise 68% of all commercial buildings and 18% of commercial building energy use. But these are radically underserved by energy conservation tools because of their dispersion and lower payback potential.

Our rapid-deployment solution EM.Connect, can be deployed quickly to small, distributed offices of less than 20,000 sq.ft. We have been able to innovatively bring the technology from our Data Center/Critical Environment applications to small spaces, making it cost-effective.

We have deployed EM.Connect to over 30 million sq.ft of distributed locations across all provinces in Canada. This includes 170 locations of Courthouses and over 600 branch offices of a Fortune 100 bank in Canada
Our product and success with significant ROI have been validated by National Research Council of Canada: Average savings of 19% Electricity and over 3.5 Tonnes of CO2e savings per branch per year.

(Learn more about our process and ROI in this video here)

Our Critical Environment solution focuses on high-intensity energy use infrastructure, reducing energy, water usage and increasing capital utilization by improved efficiencies of equipment deployed. 


  • Our CE/DC solution is also deployed to over 12 MW of Data Centers and other Critical Environments in a large Canadian Bank, 3 call centers of a large healthcare company in the US and Data Centers of a hyper-scale data center in the US. 


Our solution has four pillars focusing on De-Carbonization, laced with predictable ROI to support the initiatives commercially:

  • Energy 
  • Water
  • Health + Comfort
  • Operational Efficiency
As leaders in carbon-saving solutions, we can add great value to your ESG initiatives and help ease some of the challenges that come along. We reduce risks & reduce capital deployment, ensure best-in-class health and comfort, allowing incremental operational deployment with ROI that makes it easier for commitments and approvals from the customer boards.
To facilitate all size and shapes of buildings to realize their ESG goals, Energy Metrics is soon launching BAS-Lite, a 'HOLISTIC FACILITIES MANAGEMENT' solution that can be applied to any real estate to give you maximum savings by reducing the impact on the environment.

We generate ESG achievement reports for compliance submissions and for claiming subsidies from various Government programs: Local, State/Province and Federal/Central. In North America, we are a SAM registered Small Business, and other state organizations.

For example, in New York State, as an accredited NYSERDA RTEM vendor, our solution gets 30% of Costs in subsidies for 5 years for New York state real estate, to meet the LL97 goals.

Energy Metrics’ proprietary solution can create efficient energy savings without compromising on occupant’s comfort, air-quality and organizational productivity.

We are the perfect platform ally that Facility Managers require to ensure they balance ESG, with Health and Comfort, as well as save month-on-month along the way: Win multiple goals in one swing!
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