A decade ago we set out to integrate all elements of maintaining an infrastructure.
Today, we have.



Our unified vision at Energy Metrics is to create a better world with constantly increasing efficiency by lowering energy wastage and providing overall health and comfort for everyone sustainably using automation.
We strive to be a neutral cloud platform which helps reduce human operational effort with an ability to monitor, analyze, integrate and control all active equipment in distributed buildings, connected through IoT sensors/devices and BAS/BMS/EPMS systems.
– Rajendran Avadaiappan

Our Journey

Energy Metrics - a SAAS platform for smart equipment monitoring started back in 2009. With implementations across financial institutions, hotel chains and data centers, over the course of 10 years, it was able to save 12 gwh energy per year. In 2020, Energy Metrics developed a recommendation engine for air quality and savings on energy, visits and maintenance.

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