New York: Get energy savings and incentives over 30%

New York: Get energy savings and incentives over 30%

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At Energy Metrics, we are looking to provide a holistic building management solution that not only allows you to monitor all your active devices in 

single building or across distributed buildings but also the ability to control them according to your requirements – all in REAL-TIME.




According to NYSERDA, implementing such a solution comes with the following advantages:

·       Improve energy efficiency by reducing energy costs


·       Gain real-time visibility on energy performance


·       Strive towards continuous energy performance improvements


·       Reduce downtime and increase uptime


·       Reduce carbon footprint by contributing to cleaner environment


How is your value compensated?


Implementing a Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM) solution is the present and future of energy savings. Once you adopt such a solution, 

NYSERDA offers 30% cost share incentive for your project expenses which includes 5 years of support from energy experts. Buildings with 

state approved commercial space licenses and industrial space licenses along with multifamily buildings can benefit from this incentive.


For example, if you have a 5000 sq. ft grocery store in one (1) location and you are planning to implement a real time building management solution 

to increase energy efficiency, below is your spend/savings:


One-time implementation cost – $8,600


=> NYSERDA’s cost sharing – 30%


=> Your spend rebate – $8,600 * 30% = $2,580


=> You only spend – $6,020


With this one-time spending, not only do you save on implementation costs, but you are also setting up to save much more in the future in energy, 

site visits, equipment performance, maintenance and so on.


Just reach out to us via email – or click on the button below to schedule a free 1-on-1 evaluation, and as a 

authorized RTEM vendor, we will enroll you for the incentive program.


Our powerful EM-Core platform integrates with your existing building equipment, directly through a variety of IOT sensors (or through any building 

management systems, if you have one), collects real-time data from your intelligent devices, stores and analyzes in a way you have never seen 

before. Using this data, we control your building equipment’s to reduce energy and maintenance costs.


The granular data we collect is analyzed to provide you insights and control on when, where and how you can save energy upwards of 15%, without 

compromising on factors like health and comfort. Our solution not only reduce energy costs, but also help you maintain healthy indoors, helping 

them to be compliant with the IAQ guidance from CDC/EPA.


You can find out how much you can get in return for your investment in your future through our flexible Energy Savings Calculator.

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